Breaking habits… Yes it’s time for sleeptraining

I have to confess something…
I always nurse little mister X to sleep.
I know, I know and yes, they also told me NOT to do it. But it just happened over time and for quite some months it worked really well for all of us.
Little mister X has never been a real sleeper. He came to this world with his eyes wide open and would stare at everyone and everything for as long as possible. So in the first few months it was really hard to let him nap. He slept fine during the nights, but he just wouldn’t nap. So I got to a point that I noticed he would fall asleep while I nursed him and that felt oh so easy and comfortable. A moment of peace for him and for me as well. Isn’t it the best to hold a sleeping little baby? I loved it! Little mister X loved it as well. Where it was comfortable for me in the beginning as well I recently came to a point that I realised that I really need a good night of sleep. About two weeks ago I got the flu and it took me such a long time to recover from it. My body desperately needed a rest, but that’s not so easy with a baby. Especially when that baby knocks on the door of the ‘milk bar’ several times a night.

Until recently I naively thought that babies would fall asleep by themselves when they are ready. Now I know it’s not that simple and that it can take quite a long time. Although I’m a strong supporter of breastfeeding, I’m not planning to nurse little mister X to sleep until he is 2 years old. So it’s time for a change. I got to a point that I realise this is not helping us in the long term. Meanwhile I read so much about sleeptraining in all his forms and have decided to go for it. We had guests in our place for quite some time, so I didn’t want to start before. To me it feels I need to be able to give all my love and attention to little mister X during this transition. I read that it can involve quite some crying and sleepless nights, so I need all my energy for him and for myself. No distractions. Besides, it’s hard enough for me anyway. I am not looking forward to it, but I know it’s all about the end result. Normal sleep for me again and longer stretches of sleep for little mister X.
I decided that today is the day. Wish me luck! Sweet dreams.

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