Sleep training, how is it going so far?

Allright, almost a week ahead. The last couple of days definitely had some highs and some lows (like really low). Let’s start with telling you that I definitely see results and that the first night was not as worse as I expected.

Little mister X was used to falling asleep with a boob in his mouth and the all-night-milk-buffet

In my previous post I ‘confessed’ that I did it ‘all’. With ‘all’ I meant I do not only breastfeed on demand (I still do), but also nursed the little one to sleep and co-slept with him. So Little mister X was used to falling asleep with a boob in his mouth and the all-night-milk-buffet. Yes I know, I ‘spoiled’ him in that way. For quite some months this seemed the best way to get some sleep myself and keep my sanity.

Anyway, he is almost 9 months old now and I considered it time for a change.
Step 1 was learning little mister X to fall asleep not being latched to my boob.
This is how I accomplished this:
He was used to go to bed pretty late, like around 9pm. I decided I also want him to got to bed earlier so I started his whole sleep routine (bath/shower, pyjama’s, reading a book) around 7.45pm. Around 8.15pm I nursed him, but before he fell asleep I put him down and stayed with him.
Initially it took 30 minutes of crying before he fell asleep while I laid beside him singing sleep lullabies. Maybe this sounds easy, but it was definitely not. I’m used to immediately comfort him, but I kept telling him and myself that we were doing this for the long term, that he would learn to sleep like a baby and that would be better for all of us.
After two hours of sleeping he woke up again around 22.45pm and cried for 20 minutes (and I sang for 20 minutes… get the picture?). Two hours later (around 1.10am) he woke up again. This time I fed him and after that he cried for only 5 minutes before he drifted off to sleep. The next time he woke up was around 5am. I fed him again and after that he cried for only 2 minutes and then slept until 7am.

The duration of crying -thankfully- decreased during the first night. The second and third night involved only a little bit of crying and he settled down quite easily. The times he woke up, I stroked his belly, sang a lullaby and he drifted off to sleep again. I only fed him once during the night (and yes, that’s a great improvement!)
So far so good, right!? I was really happy with this result.

Night 4 & 5 I made some mistakes. Let’s say they cost me quite some sleep and involved some more tears

I didn’t really worked on his naps during these first days. Naps is not the right word, powernapping is what he used to do. I just kept it that way for the first few days. My main goal was to let him fall asleep without using me as a pacifier ;).

Night 4 & 5 I made some mistakes. Let’s say they cost me quite some sleep ;), involved some tears of me and helped me to reach my lowest point since I’m a mom. More about that in my next blog!

PS I’m writing this while little mister X is napping for almost 2 hours! So yes, considering napping we also made huge progress!

What about you?
What are your experiences with getting your baby ‘to sleep like a baby’? What did you do? How did it work out?
Share your experiences!

2 thoughts on “Sleep training, how is it going so far?

  1. Oh my God, that must indeed be hard to break. I´ve never ever slept with my baby in the same bed. Not once. Not even in the same room. And I can´t remember having gotten up more than once during the night to pick him up and feed him. Calculating with a ´night´ that started at midnight and ended at 6ish… After 2 weeks of breastfeeding and no sufficient growth of the little one, I could stop with that, spend considerably less time a day pumping and using the ´harvest´ to prepare his formula bottles. Instant relief and the big advantage: big heavy bottle of formula just before he went to sleep and voila, sleeping through the night when he was three weeks old! I don´t envy you but you´re defo on the right track, the next week will give even better results, you´ll see! xx

    • Wow, sleeping through the night at 3 weeks old…. I can’t imagine a situation like that, but it sounds like heaven :).
      I chose the ‘full-force’ breastfeeding package. My intention was (still is) to feed him at least a year. It’s doing him well, he’s growing like crazy. He is a very active baby (in a positive way) and breastfeeding him is actually a wonderful way to ‘slow him down’. But yeah, it comes with a little less sleep than I actually need. You know what they say, it’s just a phase ;).

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