cat yawn

Please, go back to start…

That’s the best way to describe how it is to sleeptrain your baby.
Like I said in my previous post I made some mistakes around night 5. That was the night I let him sleep in his own crib again. At the same time I tried to change his bedtime (bringing him to bed earlier). That was a little bit too much too soon. Stupid stupid me. Note to self: One change at a time please.

I started again with sleeping in his own crib at night 6. It involved a little bit of crying, but after some nights it went pretty well and I got 3 nights in a row of good sleep! (hurray hurray hurray) I was beyond myself, felt energised and was already making plans for all the stuff that I can do now little mister X is sleeping well.

And then….
Then he got sick and it all tumbled down again.
You know when you are playing Monopoly and you have to go back to start without collecting the $200? That’s how it felt. Please go back to start without collecting any sleep…
The only thing little mister X wanted was holding on to me like a little monkey with his red coloured feverish cheeks. So that’s what I did. I hold him, cuddled him and fed him until the fever was gone.
We are back at start now, let’s see how it goes from here. New game, new chances!

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