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Going for it!

Almost a year ago -when I was in the last phase of my pregnancy- I decided to start this blog. Just because I want to share my experiences with you and also because I love to write (and would like to become better at it). Fast forward one year later I realise that I need to give this blog much more attention will I ever wanna make it a success.
I thought that as a stay-at-home mum of one kiddo, I would have plenty of time (well at least enough time) to blog a couple of times a week.
Well…. Eeeeehhhm… How wrong could I be? Haha.

Little mister X is amazing and…. intense. Yes, intense is the word that describes him best.
When the books said my baby would need to be fed at least 7-8 times per day, Little mister X wanted to be fed 15-16 times per day. So yeah, the first few months I was literally a more than fulltime cow.
When the books said my baby would nap two times a day for 2-3 hours, for Little mister X two powernaps a day were sufficient. That bought me just enough time to empty the dishwasher.
It almost seems like little mister X needs less sleep than me! It’s like that from the beginning. I remember from the first weeks my mum some days walked around with him for 2 hours, so I could at least get a good rest.

In the morning around 8am he wakes up with a big fat smile on his face. It’s like you push a button. His big blue eyes open and he starts moving immediately. This goes on the rest of the day. He takes two 45 minute powernaps and in the evening he ‘turns off’ around 9pm. Seriously!
I heard all my friends about how wonderful it is that the kids always go to bed around 7pm. I guess I’ll never know ;).
Around 9 pm he’s still happily babbling and wants to be part of everything. I really need to help him calm down. The best way to ‘turn off’ little mister X is to breastfeed him in a pitch dark room. After about 15 minutes I hear his breathing change and know he drifted off to sleep.
Then I take a shower, clean the kitchen and call it a day…

So yeah, that didn’t leave me a lot of time to do anything else besides ‘being a mom’ ;).
The good news is that little mister X is also getting older and things are starting to change.

This whole story is actually just to tell you that I have so many stories I wanna share with you and that I am finally getting more time on my hands to write them down. Hugs and speak to you soon!

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