One step

First time outside with a baby

Mr. X was 10 days old when I finally dared to take the leap and felt ready to leave our cozy baby bubble.
I regretted it before we reached the end of the street…

Sunrays were shining straight in Mr. X’s eyes while he was laying in his stroller. Shoot, didn’t think of bringing the parasol to protect him, so I improvised something with a piece of cloth.
Problem solved and I continued my food hunt.
By the time we reached the supermarket I got almost familiarised with that strange wobbly pouch at the place where used to be my toned belly. I felt it wobbling with every step I took and when I watched myself in a shop window I hardly recognised myself. Since I wore only a summerdress I had nothing to cover it up. Instead I decided to just keep smiling and move on.
Half way down the supermarket Mr. X had enough of his first excursion outside the house and started screaming. I managed to ‘dance’ the stroller around meanwhile scrambling some groceries from the shelves. Again I tried to just keep smiling.
By the time we finally left the supermarket Mr. X was crying uncontrollably.
At that time I saw 2 options:
1) flash my boobs in the middle of the street and feed my baby out in the open
2) run home!

Exactly, I went for option nr. 2.

What did I learn from this little adventure?

1. Always bring something (parasol, piece of cloth) to create shade for your newborn
2. Leave the house right after you’ve fed the little one, in this way you have the biggest time window
3. Keep breathing :)

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