Flying baby

First time flying with a baby

First time flying with a baby was so much easier than first time going outside with him. Sounds crazy, right?
Especially since flying with a baby also means dragging around a lot of stuff. My love and I used to be light travelers. With light I mean we can both live 2 months from what we’ve packed in a small trolley and still have some space left to bring home other stuff. This also meant we hadn’t seen a check-in desk for years. Until now. Cause instead of 2 trolleys we now brought along:
– 1 suitcase
– 1 trolley
– 1 diaper bag
– 1 maxi-cosi
– 1 sling
And little Mr. X himself of course!

Checking in our luggage and finding our way to the gate went very smoothly. Since we were traveling with a child we were allowed to board first. Before we knew it we were on board of the plane and had fastened our seat belts. The people sitting in front of us awkwardly smiled at us when they took their seats. “Oh no, not a baby…” was what the look on their face was telling. Mr. X proved them wrong. He slept during the whole flight and by the time we got off the plane they gave me a big smile: “what a lovely baby!”

Mr. X didn’t wake up until we were waiting for our car at the car rental company. He woke up, smiled at me, farted like a king and then shitted his diapers (and his white pants).
‘Welcome to Ibiza, the white island’ (although Mr. X didn’t look so white anymore…)

Traveling with Mr. X turned out to be a piece of cake.
Did we do something special? Not really.
We just took our time, arrived at the airport a half hour earlier than we would normally do, were both relaxed and so was Mr. X.

Soooo, what’s gonna be our next destination?

Do you have any suggestions? And what are your experiences flying with a baby?

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