A little nerdy.
Multitalent, but not a multitasker.
That’s Milena in a nutshell.

Two years ago I would have definitely added: Amsterdam, citygirl, climbing the corporate ladder, everyday stuck in traffic jams, clubhopper, festivalpartychick, nightowl and no time for children.

But hey, I was always asking myself the question:

‘Is this really it? Is this really how life is meant to be, this boring…?’

I finally found my answer to these questions. No!
Living in Spain just fits me better. Back to nature. It’s as simple as that.

Meanwhile the characteristics have been replaced with: Andalucia, living in a mountain village, every day chatting with the baker’s wife, picking my own fruit, cleaning like crazy, hip housewife, living my soul’s purpose & extremely happy. Only nightowl survived the change 😉.
Besides a very important feature has recently been added to my life, little Mr. X.

Read along with my adventures as the Mom of little Mr. X and my adventures of setting up a new homebase in a new and sunny country. A lot of changes, all within one year. I’m excited! What about you?

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